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Your domain helps people find you online and makes a first impression. Find one that represents you perfectly.

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If you already have a domain at another provider and would like to move it to NameHero, you can easily transfer it by entering it in our Smart Search and clicking Transfer. Don't worry if your domain isn't ready for renewal, you won't lose anytime you've already paid for.

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Your domain helps people find you online and makes a first impression. Find one that represents you perfectly.

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.COM domains are just $6.99/yr and include a FREE Private Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

A domain is what makes your website visible to the outside world. For example, our domain is, which is what you had to click on/type in to get here. A domain should be considered "virtual real estate" where your online presence begins. Nowadays have a domain and a website is even more important than having a phone number!

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A domain is the actual name people will use to navigate to your website. Web hosting is what powers the storage/back-end of your website to make it functional. You may order a domain without web hosting (some people hold them as investments, others redirect to existing websites) but you may not purchase web hosting without a domain.

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In the earlier days of the Internet you were basically limited to three TLDs; .com (Commercial), .net (Network), and .org (Organization). Over the last decade+ there are now hundreds of TLDs (i.e. .biz, .us, .dev, .xyz, etc.) giving you many more options to choose from. While .com is (and alway swill be) the most popular, you are welcome to search for the TLD/gTLD that works best for you.

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First, you have to search and see if your domain is available. If it is, you can take ownership of the name by registering it, which includes a yearly renewal fee (i.e. $12.98/year for .com). Failure to pay this renewal fee makes the domain available for registration again.

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Yes! You can register as many domains as you wish for your website, but only one may actually serve the website. For example, is our primary domain.

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If you have an existing email account (i.e. at you may register a domain and purchase "email forwarding" to give you the ability to forward emails from to your account. If you'd prefer to have a separate email account for your domain, these are available with all our web hosting packages.

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Unfortunately all domain registrations are final upon payment and cannot be changed. Therefore it's very important when registering a domain to double check the spelling. However, you do not have any obligation to continue renewing the domain each year, you can let it expire once the first year is up.

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Simply enter a phrase (with or without a TLD) and click search. Our domain search engine will then immediately show available domains and provide a number of suggestions to help you find the perfect domain for your business.

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Yes. Domains may include letters, numbers, and hyphens (-).

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